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Nine Sutras | Osho | 2006 | A Rebel Book

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Nine Sutras | Osho | 2006 | A Rebel Book | ISBN 10: 81-7261-196-x | ISBN 13: 978-8172611965

Whatsoever comes to a man who has attained to emptiness, silence and meditation is immediately echoed back. He is taking and giving each moment – there is no gap between his taking and giving. It is like the waves touching the shore and being immediately returned. Each moment, the shore remains free of debt.

The process of meditation does not take you to some new world: it only introduces you to the world in which you have already been for lives upon lives.

Hard cover; pag. 291; a few black and white illustrations.

Condition: good; a few pages with a tear; dust jacket slightly damaged at the edges.

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